Thinking about Italy and about the friendly atmosphere during meals and hospitality, is very often the same thing, as regards stereotyped xenophile legacy and our quick nostalgia for a taste of home when we travel, long before a week elapses.

So back from New York, where unparalleled businesses such as Eataly on 5th Ave, Italian Food gold medal, industrious Italian compensation and intellectual achievement of the prestigious Oscar award Farinetti, based on three assets "eat, shop, learn ", the editorial board is now out for a small company, just founded in Milan, a name that carries with it an aura of respect; it is known as Nobilis Food, already recorded in diaries of refined palates.

This initiative is dedicated to Italian food, typical products and their uniqueness worldwide. This is also a new Italian flavour, considering the way they are selected and because they are transformed into quality gifts.

Giving a fine selection of Italian specialty foods of superior quality to a friend, a relative living near us or far away has never been easier. Nobilis Food allows you to choose Italian food with excellent references which you can compose as a gift from the comfort of your home; payment and orders shall soon be possible online and through the social media. The difference from many other experiences is that the quality is unquestionable and it is also beneficial for companies who intend to customise Christmas gifts or incentives by exploiting the various and prompt services in Europe.

All this comes from the shared perception that refined and traditional food thrills and many people love repeating this experience while others would love to experience it for the first time if the food is true quality, not necessarily expensive and inaccessible as sometimes happens in the catering world.

Nobilis Food is a niche market, and wishes to remain such, driven by zest and technology, creating a direct link with the market for offer and sales, including the effective and indirect promotion of the many traditional activities that collaborate to form a panel of exceptional products and boutique food.

Thanks to management's collaboration of efforts, Nobilis Food was acknowledged member of the Quality Food Club, generally open only to the agricultural and food companies, united by the common high quality factor. QFC's main activity is the extensive selection of participating entities, so as to constitute a panel of prestigious manufacturers dedicated to Italian products. A group that works for the promotion of high-end quality products made in Italy even to the B2B and B2C domestic and foreign markets. QFC is for example directly connected to and part of Expo Business Center 2105. The companies selected by Nobilis Food will thus have a greater and more direct link even with the public which is the real judge, pleasantly supporting Italian food excellence.


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